Never posted the final version of this but, here it is! My Smut Peddler 2 portfolio print.

Since I was stressing trying to keep up with deadlines I MISSED ANYWAY, I decided to say WHATEVER and just spend the first half of today drawing… WHATEVER I WANT as a break, since hey it doesn’t matter if I have a few hours to myself. I goofed up anyway.
So yeah. First JUST FOR ME doodle is just a cutesie person in a sweet lolita style get-up. Just for the sake of “cute.”

amanda-draws-whatever-she-wants-half-day continues with me drawing… whatever I want. Like ladies who are way cooler than I could ever hope to be.

I finally got over my weird artists block… by taking a day off from work. I keep forgetting to do that now and again…
ANYWAY, inking this was me trying to get back into groove. Successfully, so, yay.
People have asked to color my inks before, so I uploaded the PSD for this. HAVE AT IT, I GUESS. Have fun. Just remember she’s supposed to be dark-skinned, that’s how I’ve intended her. I mean, do what you want, but that’s what I’d prefer

I used to doodle varied lady-faces every day in classes when I was in school, like as practice, and I guess I started doing that again. Here’s the last few days worth of warm-up lady faces.

Finished work for today… so… dresses happened
originally I wanted her clothes to be really simple cuz… you know, she’s like an inch tall… but it’s become a story plot point that she makes her own clothes and she’s really good at it. And I’m gonna use outfit changes to show time passing when she lives with the mouse and mole, and I want her clothes to get more ornate as time passes cuz, you know, the mole is kinda a rich opulent asshole.
forgive me for i drew dresses instead of taking a much needed nap
also she wears a bell at home so her normal-size mom doesn’t like not see her and squash her or something

Thumbelina warm-up doodles from this morning. I may shift plans and try to start THIS comic this year, instead of Starry Knight, because this would be a much shorter project — it’d be a single book. I think I need a story like that in my “library” — something self-contained. Not quite short enough to be a mini, though, but maybe an easier sell than an ongoing multi-vol set of books that Love Me Nice and Starry Knight would end up being (even though Starry Knight is way shorter than LMN — it’d probably end at 2 volumes, depending on how fat the books are)
anyway… yeah. Blabbering about comic plans. Doodling tiny people.
But yeah, Thumbelina keeps getting chubbier every time I draw her so I’m like “okay let’s just roll with that.” 
I still need to figure out how I want to depict the animals… cartoony? Realistic? Clothed? Partially clothed? No clothes? It’s hard to say and that’s something I’m just gonna have to doodle to see if it works.
But yeah, starting Thumbelina this year just seems like a good idea for me. I’ve always really liked this story.

Commissions will open Feb 22nd

vaguely related, because I finally have time this week to finish all the commissions I changed from markers to digital, I will be able to take more starting February 22nd.

I’ll announce prices then, but I will be frank and say these are going to cost considerably more than I have required for commissions previously.  I certainly can’t afford to do $30 or $50 commissions ever again. That was a dumb move on my part.

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I will not be at TCAF

I guess I realize I didn’t really clarify this, but I had to cancel exhibiting at TCAF. I can’t afford travel expenses right now, or even to secure my table, so Spring conventions are not an option for me right now. My next con won’t be til July — I’m aiming to make Connecticon my first con this year.

Sorry y’all.

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Happy Valentine's Day! Titty Time Books Available

After a lot of waffling I’ve decided to finally start selling Titty Time books instead of sitting on inventory, as I’ve been doing for almost a year while I try to fill pre-orders out of principle. But I gotta sell them. Funds will first and foremost go towards getting pre-orders out of the door much, much faster.

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thumbelina-comic-idea-related-doodle *frt*

i had that thumbelina comic idea on the brain again (i wanna make too many comics) so I did some quick doodles 


thanks for your patience


I hadn’t drawn anything for “the sake of it” in a long time (i’m working on 4 comic projects right now, oi!) so I took a break and drew this. It was also practice with the natural hair brushes I made.
This was fun and relaxing.